Study Suggests Red Wine Compound Helps Prevent Cancer

People drink red wine for a number of reasons. Add up cancer prevention as one of them as new studies indicate that a red wine compound may be effective in preventing the development of cancers in people. New evidence may be presented as experts from around the world gather to attend Resveratrol 2012, a major conference hosted by the University of Leicester focusing on the compound commonly found in the skins of red grapes.

Although scientists have known about the health benefits of resveratrol, previous studies have not effectively shown that it proves to be effective on humans or what dosage of the compound may provide the expected benefits. Scientists from the University of Leicester have conducted studies on the levels of resveratrol and its effects on cancer prevention. The researchers used laboratory models to conduct the study and have found out that taking a daily dosage of resveratrol equal two glasses of red wine is effective in reducing the risk of bowel tumors by half.

Now that the researchers have shown in lab experiments how resveratrol can reduce tumor development, they now are planning to focus on identifying the different mechanisms that makes the red wine compound effective in preventing cancer. The said conference will try to consolidate the findings of two years worth of research on the compound. This will further help researchers understand more how resveratrol may aid in cancer prevention.

Source: University of Leicester (2012, December 4). New evidence on how compound found in red wine can help prevent cancer. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 6, 2012, from
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