Upcoming Cold Weather Seen To Slow Down West Nile Virus

With the country already experiencing the worst West Nile virus epidemic since 2002, slowing it down seems to help provide some relief to many concerned individuals. With the cold weather slowly coming in, it is expected to slow down the virus from creating new cases. This will help ease down many worries over the seemingly increasing number of West Nile virus cases in many affected states.

The first hard frost of the season may signal the end to the West Nile season. But it puts an end to what would be the worst epidemic with a total of 3,969 cases diagnosed nationally, according to the Centers for Disease Control. It also resulted in as total of 163 fatalities. This year’s hot and dry summer is partly to blame for the recent spike of West Nile virus cases.

West Nile disease has been a concern for many people since it is quite difficult to determine. Those infected may suffer from what may be just a mild to high fever. But the symptoms may be common with a number of other conditions. It may take a visit to the doctor in order to determine if it is a West Nile virus infection.

While the West Nile virus may infect people of all ages, it is usually fatal if it infect the very old or the very young. Mosquitoes have been known as the main culprit of spreading the disease. Preventing contact with mosquitoes as much as possible will help reduce the spread of the virus. Using mosquito repellents containing DEET and wearing protective long-sleeved clothing are the common ways of trying to prevent getting infected with the West Nile virus.
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