Hurricane Isaac May Contribute To Increasing Mosquito West Nile Virus Problem

People in the Gulf Coast states are now preparing for Hurricane Isaac as it makes landfall on several states in the area. Strong winds and heavy rains are pounding the affected states, notably Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. Other nearby states may not bear the havoc that the storm may bring but would still experience the heavy rains in the area.

The storm is not considered to be as strong or as devastating as Hurricane Katrina, but it would still be strong enough to seriously affect the states to require evacuation for added safety for those living by the coast. But what may also be of concern is what happens after the storm. The heavy rains that Hurricane Isaac brings are expected to increase the mosquito populations in the affected areas. The standing water that will remain can easily become breeding grounds for mosquitoes that can rapidly increase their numbers in a matter of weeks.

The increase of mosquito populations during this time may be of serious concern just as the West Nile virus threat is seen to be an increasing problem in many states, particularly in the state of Texas. And because of the recent rise in West Nile Virus cases to historical levels affecting many states, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce mosquito populations as a means to help curb down West Nile Virus infections. Hurricane Isaac may be expected to make it even worse.

For those who are living in the affected states of Hurricane Isaac as well as those seeing an increase of West Nile Virus cases, utmost care and precaution are advised, especially when it comes to trying to minimize the potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes that the heavy rains bring. Residents are advised to get rid of standing water in the area or at least avoid them from forming. People can use gravel and sand to fill in low areas where water from the rains may tend to collect. Proper drainage should be observed by checking out clogs on the gutters and water canals so that rainwater does not collect in certain areas around the home. Barrels and containers used to collect rainwater should be emptied frequently. Other areas such as kiddie pools, bird baths and kid’s sand boxes should also be properly covered so that they do not become a potential breeding area for mosquitoes.
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